Binthinking designs and vends UK Manufactured Office Recycling Bin Products taking into account economic, environmental and technical factors. Our products aim to be environmentally friendly with a low carbon UK footprint.

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This is accomplished by:

  • Selecting raw materials with optimum cost/benefit results and maximum renewability. The appropriate use of renewable resources ensures that by striving for the best economic solution, we achieve the least impact on the environment.
  • Developing products, which assist to make the recovery of obsolete products and packaging effective and economical.
  • Designing products to optimise the efficiency of packaging, and to minimise the use of raw materials.
  • To review all of the above based on the availability of new materials and processes.
  • For our company and any new suppliers to comply with any legislation and regulations that are relevant.
  • Communicating appropriate messages to internal and external audiences.
  • Being constantly aware of our corporate social responsibility towards the environment.
  • Use UK based ethical manufacturers in order to reduce the ‘Manufacturing Miles’ of products, and therefore the resulting carbon footprint of those products.
  • Encourage our customers & suppliers to participate in energy reduction and recycling
  • Constantly review the office and warehouse waste recycling initiative